Project structure

Last changed: 08 January 2024

Restore4More is structured into five interlinked Work Packages (WPs) that are directly aligned with the five project objectives and feed into each other. Work packages are co-led by a diversity of project researchers, with the aim of continuous and iterative integration of findings. Through the WPs, the project will engage with stakeholder groups at multiple levels through different platforms to promote co-learning, knowledge exchange, and communication.

Work packages

Objective 1

Investigate the interactions between vegetation characteristics, soil health, erosion, and water regulation across a network of rangeland sites in the East African drylands and identify synergies and trade-offs in the provision of ecosystem services


Objective 2

Conduct an integrated regional assessment of rangeland health and explore historical dynamics in rainfall, vegetation, and land degradation and restoration using Earth Observation

earth observation

Objective 3

Contribute to further development and use of an app for assisted citizen science data collection to track and inform rangeland restoration practices on the ground

Objective 4

Test innovative rangeland restoration and management options together with local communities and scaling partners in knowledge-sharing hubs (Livestock Cafés) across four contrasting engagement landscapes and track their effectiveness

Livestock Cafés

Objective 5

Engage stakeholders at different levels to explore if and how changes in stakeholders’ awareness and understanding of the biodiversity-water-climate nexus led to changing decision-making contexts around rangeland restoration and management


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