Loss of beef during primary production in Sweden: quantities, causes, food potential, and carbon footprint and economically assessed measures

Last changed: 11 March 2024
Two cows standing on a green grass field.

The food system is not sustainable, and research shows that there are three powerful strategies to reverse the trend by 2050: global dietary changes, reducing food waste and losses by 75%, and improved production methods.

This research project aims to develop knowledge to reduce losses of beef within Swedish primary production; losses that are both extensive, strongly contributing to several environmental problems, and causing economic losses for farmers. The knowledge is needed both in the industry and as a basis for the development of various policy instruments.

Several actors from the beef sector and society are active in the project to contribute with their expertise and to ensure that the project's results are useful and disseminated (see below).


Sanna Pasanen started as a PhD-student in the project on September 1, 2023.

The reference group and project group held their joint meeting on September 19, 2023. The program is available here.

The project's article on quantified amounts of beef losses was published on October 9, 2023. Link to the article here: Frontiers | Loss of beef during primary production at Swedish farms 2002–2021 (frontiersin.org).

Previously, an article on the use of emergency slaughter in the Nordic countries was published. The link is here: Overview of the practices of on-farm emergency slaughter of cattle in the Nordic countries | Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica | Full Text (biomedcentral.com)

Outreach activities:

Fall 2022     Participated in the Meat Parliament in Örebro, November 9-11, 2022 (notkottsproducenter.se)
Fall 2023 Participated in the Meat Parliament in Malmö, November 22-24, 2023 (notkottsproducenter.se)
Spring 2024 Participate in SVEPM 2024 in Uppsala. SVEPM Conference 2024 – SVEPM
Fall 2024 Participate in LCA Food 2024 in Barcelona (www.lcafood2024.com)
Fall 2024 Participate in Meat Parliament in Sundsvall 2024 Köttriksdagen 2024 - Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund (lrf.se) 
Fall 2025 Final seminar together with SAMS Collaboration for Reduced Food Waste - IVL.se



Project leader: Ingrid Strid, Department of Energy and Technology.

Project members: Karin Alvåsen, Department of Clinical Sciences; Maria Jacobsen, Department of Energy and Technology; Jesper Rydén, Department of Energy and Technology; Sanna Pasanen, Department of Energy and Technology; Lotta Berg, Department of Animal Environment and Health; Anett Seeman and Ulrika Rockström, Farm & Animal Health, as well as; Ingrid Hunter Holmøy, Norwegian University of Environmental and Life Sciences.

Reference group members: Carina Johansson, Swedish Beef Producers; Karin Lindow, Swedish Board of Agriculture; Gunnela Ståhle, We Consumers; Elvira Molin/Johan Hultén, SAMS (Collaboration for Reduced Food Waste); Jenny Frössling, National Veterinary Institute; Hanna Nilsson, Konvex/Swedish Agricultural Services.

Project duration: December 2021 – November 2025"

Funded by: Formas