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Our research is focused on forest health, silviculture and forest production, forest history and conservation ecology as well as forest policy and planning. Our work has national, European and global relevance, but often focuses on forests and landscapes in southern Sweden.

The research has a focus on how the forest ecosystems can contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change and contributes to new knowledge about sustainable forests and forestry. We mostly conduct applied research to the benefit of the forest sector, academia and society at large and we often work in multidisciplinary collaborations.

The research at our department is conducted within four areas:


A person runs a clearing saw in woodland. Photo.

Silviculture and forest production

The aim of the research is to increase the knowledge about the effects of various management measures carried out in the forest. The measures may aim to increase production, increase other ecosystem services such as biological diversity or recreation, or to change the characteristics of the forest.

A woman looks through an orange device at forest. Photo.

Conservation ecology and forest history

We conduct research on conservation ecology, vegetation history and interactions between plants and animals - all with the forest ecosystem in focus. The knowledge can be used for strategies that can contribute to preserving biological diversity and to learn more about how the forest is affected by and can be adapted to climate change.

An iPad with a forest programme. Photo.

Forest policy and planning

The research ranges from planning for forest estates and landscapes to national and international forest policies.  We conduct research on large number of topics such as advisory services, landscape perspective in forest planning, participatory processes and equality in the forest sector as well as societal transitions.

An ash tree with a plant disease. Photo.

Forest pathology

Our research is focused on pathogens that cause disease on trees in urban and rural forests. Our goal is to create greater awareness of the economic and ecological impacts of native and exotic tree diseases and to find solutions that reduce losses and create sustainable and healthy forests.

Other research initiatives

The department hosts several major research initiatives focused on highly topical issues for today's and the future's sustainable forests and forestry.

Published: 01 December 2023 - Page editor: stina.johannesson@slu.se

Contacts at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre

Head of Department
: Magnus Löf, Magnus.Lof@slu.se, +46 40 415119
Deputy head of Department: Elias Andersson, elias.andersson@slu.se, +46 40 415194
Postal address: Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU
P.O. Box 190, SE-234 22 Lomma, Sweden
Visiting address: Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU
Sundsvägen 3, SE-234 56 Alnarp, Sweden