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Within our department there are several facilities that enable our research for future forest science. As a researcher, you can benefit from the infrastructure.

The infrastructure contributes to the research being able to maintain the highest scientific quality and is a meeting place for dialogue and development.

As a researcher, do you need to use our resources? Contact the respective unit below to learn more.


Dendrochronological laboratory, SLU Alnarp (DELA)

The lab is a facility tasked with a wide range of dendro-, ecological and climatological analyses of forest fires, valuable hardwood and the preservation of biodiversity.

A woman in a forest. Photo.

Forest pathology laboratory, SLU Alnarp

The lab is studying the biology, ecology and epidemiology of native and non-native tree pests and pathogens that are causing economic and ecological damage to our forests.

Birch forest. Photo.


In the landscape laboratory in Snogeholm, research is being conducted in a larger plantation. Welcome to visit! The page is in Swedish.

An aerial photo of fields and forest. Photo.
A green park environment. Photo.

Landscape laboratory, SLU Alnarp

We collaborate with the landscape laboratory in Alnarp.

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Contacts at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre

Head of Department
: Magnus Löf, Magnus.Lof@slu.se, +46 40 415119
Deputy head of Department: Elias Andersson, elias.andersson@slu.se, +46 40 415194
Postal address: Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU
P.O. Box 190, SE-234 22 Lomma, Sweden
Visiting address: Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU
Sundsvägen 3, SE-234 56 Alnarp, Sweden