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Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre

The department is part of the Forestry Faculty of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and is located in Alnarp, in southwestern Sweden. The university grounds include the Alnarpsparken which is a green oasis between Malmö and Lund.The Department provides teaching and research in forest science with a focus on management, planning, conservation, health and forest policy. The Department has an international character both in research and teaching.

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Euroforester/standalone courses

Sustainable Forestry in Southern Sweden (ENG & SE) (Canvas)

Forest Regeneration (ENG & SE)  (Canvas)

Silviculture of Temperate Forests (ENG & SE)  (Canvas)

Planning in Sustainable Forest Management - Theory, Methods and Tools (Canvas)

National and International Forest Policy (Canvas)

Broadleaves - Forest dynamics, biodiversity and management for multiple use (Canvas)

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PhD thesis


Nilsson, Oscar. 2020-12- 11. Establishment and growth of Scots pine and Norway spruce: a comparison between species

Stecher Justiniano Pinto, G. 2020-10-14. A multi-century perspective of the Sala mega-fire : understanding risks for future large fires in Sweden

Lodin, I. 2020-09-16. Current versus alternative forest management practices in southern Sweden

Villalobos, A. 2020-06-12. Forest restoration using direct seeding of oak: Odor cues from predators as a seed protection strategy against foraging rodents

Sandell Festin, E. 2020-05-04. Post-Mining Restoration in Zambia-Screening native tree species for phytoremediation potential

Engman, M. 2020-04-03. Odor guided predation on acorns by small rodents during direct seeding

Petersson, L. 2020-01-10. Replacing Scots pine with Norway spruce: implications for biodiversity in production forests



Petersson, L. 2019-11-08. Promoting natural regeneration of oak by manipulating disturbance



Agostinelli, M. 2018-12-13. Fungal assemblages in forest trees. Influence of internal and external conditions

Petterson, M. 2018-04-13. Diseases on Christmas Trees in Southern Sweden and Western North Carolina



Wallin, I. 2017-02-17. Forest Management and Governance in Sweden – A Phronetic Analysis of Social Practices.



Zin, E. 2016-10-28. Fire History and Tree Population Dynamics in Bialowieza Forest; Poland and Belarus.

Mariscal, A. 2016-06-23. Local Baseline Knowledge for Conservation and Restoration if Degareded Ecosystems in Ecuador.

Derroire, G. 2016-06-17. Secondary Succesion in Tropical Dry Forests. Drivers and Mechanism of Forest Regeneration.

Subramanian, N. 2016-06-03. Impacts of Climate Change on Forest Management and Implications for Swedish Forestry. An analysis based on growth and yield models.

Filyushkina, A. Ecosystem Services and Forest Management in the Nordic Countries. 2016-05-23

MaCarthy, R. 2016-05-20 Establishment and Early Management of Populus Species in Southern Sweden.

Egebäck, S. Growth of Genetically Improved Stands och Norway Spruce, Scots Pine and Loblolly Pine. 2016-02-05



Blumenstein, K. Endophytic Fungi in Elms. Implications for the Intergrated Management of Dutch Elm Disease. 2015-12-17

Farhadi, M. Applciation of Visable and Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Sorting and Identification of Tree Seeds. 2015-12-16

Holmström, E. Regeneration and early management of birch and Norway spruce mixtures in southern Sweden. 2015-12-04

Daneshvar, A. Improved Seed Handling Techniques for Juniperus polycarpos. 2015-09-28

Attochi, G. Management of oak for high quality wood production. 2015-04-30

Hultberg, T. The Long-Term History of Temperate Broadleaves in Southern Sweden. 2015-02-13.



Trubins, R. Non-industrial Private Land Use and Forest Management. 2014-06-05

Liziniewics, M. Influence of Spacing and Thinning on Wood Properties in Conifer Plantations. 2014-01-31



Koch Widerberg, M. Oak as Retention tree in commercial forests. 2013-09-27

Gunulf, A. Establishment of Heterobasidion annosum infections in young Norway spruce dominated stands. 2013-05-24



Wang, L. Impact of Heterobasidion spp. Root rot in conifer trees and assessment of stump treatment: with emphasis on Picea abies, Pinus sylvestris and Larix x eurolepis. 2012-12-14.

Hedvall, P-O. Forest floor vegetation in Sweden. Impacts of intensified forestry, nutrient addition and changes in forest structure. 2012-10-26



Jensen, AM. Effects of facilitation and competition on oak seedlings: Using shrubs as nurse-plants to facilitate growth and reduce browsing from large herbivores. 2011-06-10

Sovu. Forest restoration on degraded lands in Laos. 2011-04-08

Dembele, C. Clonal propagation of Detarium microcarpus and Khaya senegalensis. 2011-04-01

Coulibaly, P. Appraisal of participatory forest management program in southern Burkina Faso. 2011-03-25



Dayamba, D. Fire, plant-derived smoke and grazing effects on regeneration, productivity and diversity of Sudanian savanna-woodland ecosystems. 2010-10-29

Quedrago, I. Land use dynamics and demographic change in southern Burkina Faso. 2010-10-22

Ezebilo, E. Nature conservation in a tropical rainforest: Economics, local participation and sustainability. 2010-10-15

Övergaard, R. Ollonproduktion och naturlig föryngring av bok (Fagus sylvatica L.) I södra Sverige. 2010-03-26

Birkedal, M. Reforestation by direct seeding of beech and oak: Influence of granivorous rodents and site preparation. 2010-03-26



Sapkota, I. Species diversity, regeneration and early growth of Sal forests in Nepal: Responses to inherent disturbance regimes. 2009-12-16

Norman, J. Nyttigheter i Svenska skogar – attityder och värderingar hos olika intressegrupper. 2009-09-30

Pfister, O. Effekter av planteringsförband och gallring på träd- och virkesegenskaper för planterad gran i södra Sverige. 2009-09-25

Wallertz, K. Pine weevil feeding in Scots pine and Norway spruce regenerations. 2009-09-11

Fritz, Ö. Lavar och mossor på bok – ekologiska studier och naturvårdstillämpningar. 2009-03-16



Edman, T. Biodiversity patterns and the importance of landscape-level, land-use intensity and fragmentation of forest habitats in Europe. 2008-05-23

Kindstrand, K. On trade-offs between timber and biodiversity. 2008-02-28 (lic)



Abrahamsson, M. High-stump and wood living beetles in the southern production forest landscape. 2007-12-07

Wallentin, C. Thinning of Norway spruce. 2007-03-16



Olofsson, E. Supporting management of risk of wind damage in south Swedish forestry. 2006-06-09

Slaney, M. Effekter av förhöjd temperature och CO2 på fenologi och återhämtning av fotosyntesen under våren hos gran I borealt klimat. 2006-05-05



Fahlvik, N. Aspects of pre-commercial thinning in heterogeneous forests in southern Sweden. 2005-06-03

Caldiz, M. Diversity and growth of epiphytic macrolichens in northwestern Patagonian Nothofagus forests. 2005-05-13

Berglund, M. Rotticka I gran, stubbehandling med pergamentsvamp. 2005-04-29



Pettersson, M. Regeneration methods to reduce pine weevil damage to conifer seedlings. 2004-12-17



Larsson-Stern, M. Hybridlärk ett bra komplement till gran I Sydsverige. 2003-04-22 (lic)



Andersson, M. Spatial allocation of forest production – aspects of multiple-use forestry in Sweden. 2002-12-20

Ask, P. Biodiversitet och lövskog i planering av landskap (studier från Sydsverige). 2002-09-27



Nordborg, F. Effects of site preparation on soil properties and on growth, damage and nitrogen uptake in planted seedlings. 2001-06-08

Karlsson, M. Natural regeneration of broadleaved tree species in southern Sweden –effects of silvicultural treatments and seed dispersal from surrounding stands. 2001-06-08

Sikström, U. Growth and nutrition of coniferous forests on acidic mineral soils. Status and effects on liming and fertilization. 2001-05-11



Langvall, O. Interactions between near-ground temperature and radiation, silvicultural treatments and frost damage to Norway spruce seedlings. 2000-04-28

Karlsson, C. Effects of release cutting and soil scarification on natural regeneration in Pinus sylvestris shelterwoods. 2000-04-14

Björse, G. Near-natural forests in southern Sweden: Silvicultural and palaeocological aspects on nature-based silviculture. 2000-04-07

Kullberg, Y. Large herbivore browsing on tree seedlings in southern Sweden. 2000-02-17 (lic)

Klang, F. The influence of silvicultural practices on tree properties in Norway spruce.  2000-02-11



Hannon, G. The use of plant macrofossils and pollen in the palaeocological reconstruction of vegetation. 1999-06-10

Oleskog, G. The effect of seedbed substrate on moisture conditions, germination and seeding survival of Scots pine. 1999-05-28

Rönnberg, J. Incidence of root and butt in consecutive rotations, with emphasis on Heterobasidion annosum in Norway spruce. 1999-05-21

Löf, M. Environmental stress on establishment and growth in Fagus sylvatica L. and Quercus robur L seedlings. 1999-04-23



Lindbladh, M. Long term dynamics and human influence in the forest landscape of southern Sweden. 1998-11-06

Carlsson, M. On forestry planning for timber and biodiversity. The landscape perspective. 1998-06-02



Vollbrecht, G. Effects of silvicultural practices on the incidence of root and butt rot in Norway spruce with special emphasis on Heterobasidion annosum. 1994-12-16



Docent lectures

  • Carl Salk, Docent lecture 2021-0505
    "Do not attend this lecture if you already believe that Carl Salk should be a docent"

  • Emma Holmström, Docent lecture 2020-10-12
    "Mixed forest silviculture"

  • Per-Ola Hedwall, Docent lecture 2017-11-08
    "Understory Movements in Swedish Forests - Trends in Forest Floor Vegetation and Implications for Forest Management".


  • Michelle Cleary, Docentlecture 2017-11-08
    "Ashes to Ashes and Rising Above: the global threat of alien invasive forest pathogens and opportunities to exploit host resistance to conserve populations"


Jobs and vacancies


FRAS- A new Forest research program

FRAS, "future silviculture in southern Sweden", a new research program that is a co-operation between SLU, Skogforsk and the Linné University.

Trees For Me

Trees For Me is a centre of excellence focused on fast-growing broadleaf trees for sustainable forestry, materials and energy in Sweden.

Birch forest in sunshine. Photo.


The Department takes part in the Alnarp Partnership, a collaborative organization between SLU and industry, government, and the business community in southern Sweden.

Forest Pathology Lab

The Forest Pathology Lab in Alnarp studies the biology, ecology and epidemiology of endemic and exotic invasive forest pathogens.

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