Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre

-The department is part of the Forestry Faculty of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and is located in Alnarp, in southwestern Sweden. The university grounds include the Alnarpsparken which is a green oasis between Malmö and Lund.
The Department provides teaching and research in forest science with a focus on management, planning, conservation and forest policy. The Department has an international character both in research and teaching.

Course internal portals

With the start of the autumn semester of 2019, SLU is moving completely to a new, integrated learning platform called Canvas. Canvas is a web-based course environment, where every student and teacher can access all the courses they take part in. The modern system of Canvas offers its users with several expedient features:

  • Access to all course material: course literature, lecture materials, links and other learning tools.
  • Effortless submission of all the required assignments.
  • Free communication between teachers and other participants of the course.
  • Opportunity to have an open discussion with other participants of the course in case something is unclear or if there is a topic, which, in your opinion, deserves more consideration.
  • Assess the work of your peers as well as receive feedback on your assignments.
  • Easy-to-use Canvas student app for smartphones!

Find out more about Canvas.

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Sustainable Forestry in Southern Sweden 2019 (Canvas)

Forest Regeneration 2019 (Canvas)

Silviculture of Temperate Forests 2019 (Canvas)

If you have questions please contact course leaders or Andis Zvirgzdins.

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