Forest pathology

Last changed: 01 December 2023
An ash tree with a plant disease. Photo.

Our research is focused on pathogens that cause disease on trees in urban and rural forests. Our goal is to create greater awareness of the economic and ecological impacts of native and exotic tree diseases and to find solutions that reduce losses and create sustainable and healthy forests.

We work with a variety of damaging agents affecting broadleaf and conifer tree species in forests and urban settings. Our diagnostics lab uses classical and cutting-edge molecular techniques to detect and identify damaging agents of trees.

Our research broadly focuses on:

Our research has a strong stakeholder focus for managing forest diseases in order to ensure multiple ecosystem benefits from forests and protect biodiversity associated with threatened tree species.


Research in forest pathology has been supporting the forest sector for more than 30 years since its inception at the department. We maintain close contact and collaboration with a large number of stakeholder groups.

Collectively we are a rather multinational group of 10-15 persons including senior scientists, post doctoral fellows, PhD students, research visitors and support technicians. The group has a strong international focus, working with projects not only in Sweden but in other parts of the world including Europe, North America and East Asia.


Michelle Cleary, researcher
Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU, 040-415 51 81

Jonas Rönnberg, researcher
Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, 040-415179, 070-6727643