Silviculture and forest production

Last changed: 01 December 2023
A person runs a clearing saw in woodland. Photo.

We primarily conduct research on forest management in coniferous and broadleaf forests in Sweden but also in other parts of the world. The research is focused on forest production, regeneration and silviculture and how forestry can contribute to many different goals and values as well as to mitigate climate change.

In our research, we work with forest regeneration, stand treatments, forest management to reduce the effects of, for example, storm felling and root rot, forest models and alternative forest management methods such as continuous cover forestry. Our scientific work often results in practical recommendations for the management of forests. The research is mainly applied and based on field experiments.

Examples of issues we work with are:

  • establishment of planted seedlings
  • direct seeding of pine, oak and beech
  • management of noble broadleaf trees
  • pre-commercial thinning and commercial thinning in both monoculture and mixed forest
  • forest management to reduce the effect of various damage
  • non-clearcut forest management methods
  • growth models for mixed forest and
  • the effect of climate change on forest growth.


Urban Nilsson, Professor
Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, 040-41 51 93