Published: 11 June 2019

How can a European perspective contribute to better understanding and management of our environment?

Please note, to make SLU your home university you must submit an application both through the national Swedish application system (www.universityadmissions.se) and through the consortium for EnvEuro (www.enveuro.eu).

A long history of intensive use and misuse of natural resources has forced Europeans to deal with their environmental problems. European countries are therefore now leading in environmental science and its use in assessment, management, legislation and technology. EU is a principle actor in all these questions and an important platform for building of knowledge and enforcement of policies.

The EnvEuro programme is a co-operation between four European universities with students coming from many countries. The Master is focused on soil, water and biodiversity and the aim is to give students European and international perspectives on research as well as planning and management in the environmental sector. The programme has six specialisations: Water resources, Soil resources and land use, Environmental management, Ecosystems and biodiversity, Environmental impacts and Climate change (of which the three first are available at SLU).

Note that applications to the programme must be submitted both the national Swedish application system (www.universityadmissions.se) and through the consortium for EnvEuro (www.enveuro.eu).

The programme is given as part of the Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) network, a cooperation of leading universities in the fields of Natural Resource Management, Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, Life Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Food Sciences, and Environmental Sciences.

UN's sustainable development goals in the education

SLU's educations creates knowledge which contributes to the goals for sustainable development, both in Sweden and internationally. 

Application process

The rules for application differ slightly between the different universities in the EnvEuro Master’s programme. Below is a summary of the most important steps for applications to SLU. It is very important that you read the full instructions for application at the programme web site.

Year 1 with SLU as “home” university

The application consists of two compulsory steps:

  1. Application to the EnvEuro consortium. EU/EEA/Swiss citizens apply between 1 February  and 1 April. Others apply between 15 November and 15 January.
  2. Domestic Swedish application to the EnvEuro Master’s programme at universityadmissions.se. Swedish citizens apply between 15 March and 16 April. Others apply between 16 October and 15 January.

The language requirement that is mentioned on the EnvEuro web site is absolute. National grades in English are not sufficient.

In addition to the application to the entire Master’s programme, you also need to apply for the courses you want to take during your first year (except the compulsory course Environmental management in Europe, to which you will be automatically admitted). This is also done after you get your admission recommendation from the EnvEuro secretariat and following the instructions in that letter.

By the end of the first semester, you select a specialisation within the programme, and your host university. This will be handled by the central EnvEuro secretariat.

Year 2 with SLU as “host” university

You apply for all courses you want to take during year 2 at SLU through the Moveon system. The deadline for application is 15 April.


The first year you study at one of the four EnvEuro universities (home university) and the second at one of the others (host university), where you also do your MSc thesis. If you chose SLU as your home university you can choose Copenhagen (Denmark), Hohenheim (Germany) or Vienna (Austria) as your host university.
Within each of the EnvEuro specialisations Water Resources, Soil Resources and Land Use, and Environmental Management, you select courses at your home university and your host university that prepare you for different future careers; research and further academic studies on one side and management and practical planning and solution in relation to environmental issues on the other side.

All students start the first semester together with a course on Environmental management in Europe. It starts with a week at University of Copenhagen where you meet all students and principal teachers from the four participating universities. Thereafter you go back to your home university and the course continues as an e-learning distance course on part time. Parallel to this you study basic courses (Basic Semester Package). During the following semester you choose courses at the home university within your specialisations (1st Advanced Semester Package). The next semester you go to your host university and continue your specialisation (2nd Advanced Semester Package) and the last semester you do your master thesis. You can get a double degree – both from your home and host university.

It should be noticed that courses within the programme have specific prerequisites and it is not guaranteed that by fulfilling the admission requirements for the programme that the prerequisites for all courses are fulfilled.

A requirement to be admitted to EnvEuro – European Master in Environmental Science is that you apply and are admitted both through the national Swedish application system (www.antagning.se/english) and through the Consortium for EnvEuro (www.enveuro.eu).

Application deadline for applying to the Consortium for EnvEuro is
- for non-EU/EEA students January 1
- for EU/EEA students April 1

Application deadline for applying to the national Swedish application system is
- for non-EU/EEA students January 15
- for EU/EEA students January 15 (open for late applications until 1 April)

Want to know more? You can read the syllabus at the student web. 


Graduated EnvEuro students are now working e.g. as PhD students or researchers/teachers at universities, as experts with environmental science issues in the governmental and private sector or as teachers, both in their home country and abroad. Thanks to studies at two universities you will have great opportunities to build networks that will help you in your future career and in development of understanding within several aspects of environmental science.

Student life

Welcome to #studysustainably where you get glimpses of student life as a master student at SLU in Uppsala!


Programme scope: 2 years, 120 credits

Next start: Uppsala, 2 sep 2019 
Number of admission places: 30

Application period (Note! Two applications required):

  1. Application to the EnvEuro consortium. EU/EEA/Swiss citizens apply between 16 January and 15 May. Others apply between 15 November and 15 January.
  2. Domestic Swedish application to the EnvEuro Master’s programme at universityadmissions.se. Swedish citizens apply between 15 March and 15 April. Others apply between 16 October and 15 January.

Tuition fee for non-EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens:
First instalment: 67 500 SEK 
Total programme: 270 000 SEK


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