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Landscape Architecture MSc with a major in Landscape Architecture

Gain your Master’s degree from one of Europe’s largest campuses for education in landscape architecture, design, planning and governance.


Welcome to a comprehensive Master's programme that gives you the opportunity to help shape the places in which we live in a way that is sustainable for both humans and the environment. Bringing together landscape architects, landscape engineers, architects, environmental engineers and urban planners from all over the world, this programme attracts students who want to deepen their knowledge of landscapes on the basis of their own specialist skills. 

Based at the SLU campus in Alnarp - close to Malmö and Copenhagen and in one of the most vital regions of northern Europe with four universities nearby - the focus of the programme is the planning, design and management of both small-scale urban open space as parks and plazas as well as large-scale regional landscapes. Depending on the desired focus of your studies, you will be able to choose courses from the fields of climate change and urban sustainability, ecosystem services, horticultural design, cultural heritage and process knowledge. 

After graduation, and with a Master’s degree in landscape architecture, you will have the skills required for a professional career within the field, possibly as an urban planner, landscape designer or landscape manager The programme also prepares you for PhD studies, if you want to continue to build your academic career.

Do you want to study abroad during the education? On this page you will find different international opportunities within the programme.


Name: Landscape Architecture
Next start: autumn semester 2022
Study location: Alnarp
Programme scope: 2 year, 120 credits
Language: English
Level: Master
Pace of study: Full-time
Teaching form: Normal teaching

Application code for international students: 81055
Application code for Swedish students: 81073

Application deadline for international students: 1/17/2022
Application deadline for Swedish students: 4/15/2022

Degree: Degree of Master (120 credits) of Science with a major in Landscape Architecture
Requirements: to be eligible for the Landscape Architecture - Master’s programme, the requirements are:

• General entry requirements: a Bachelor´s degree (undergraduate cycle) corresponding to a minimum of 180 credits
• Specific entry requirements: 90 credits specialisation in one of the following subjects/educational areas:

- Architecture
- Landscape Architecture
- Landscape Planning
- Built Environment
- Design
- Spatial Planning
- Geography
- Landscape Science
- Environmental Science
- Civil Engineering

The specific admission requirements according to the above can also be fulfilled by those having corresponding qualifications from a foreign degree or if corresponding qualifications have been obtained in alternative ways.

In addition, knowledge corresponding to English 6 (Swedish secondary school) is required. This is according to a local SLU decision fulfilled by those who have a degree comprising at least 180 credits at first cycle level from a Swedish higher educational institute or 120 credits completed studies at SLU. English 6 can also be achieved in other ways, which are specified at universityadmissions.se.

For entry to the different courses included within the programme, the specific entry requirements prescribed for each individual course apply.
Admission to some of the courses (marked with 1 during “courses in the program” in the Syllabus at the bottom of this page,) requires an approved portfolio according to instructions decided by the Programme board for educations within landscape and horticulture. Instructions for the portfolio 2022/2023.

It is further recommended that the applicant has knowledge and skills corresponding to at least 15 credits from studio/project courses in landscape architecture.


Tuition fees for autumn 2023 degree studies: Citizens of countries outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland are required to pay application and tuition fees.
First semester: SEK 93 000
Total: SEK 372 000


There are two admission rounds for this Master's programme. The first admission round is open to all international applicants at www.universityadmissions.se. The last date to apply is 15 January 2023. SLU strongly encourage all international students to apply in this first admission round.


The courses offered in this programme represent a broad range of subjects in landscape architecture. The programme is based on contemporary and international theories in landscape architecture, in addition to research and knowledge developed by SLU in relation to practice and the profession. There are courses in open space design, urban and rural landscape planning as well as horticultural and dynamic vegetation design.

In addition, students can combine various courses to tailor their profile according to personal preferences and interests. Teaching includes a combination and synthesis of skills training and relevant theoretical input. Students will learn to use various computer programs for planning, design, analysis and presentation.

The final semester involves a degree project, for which students independently plan and carry out a theoretical and practical project.

Students on the programme are automatically admitted to the first courses of the semester:

  • Explorations into Landscape Architecture, 15 credits
  • Landscape Theory, Methodology & Practice, 15 credits

In the second semester, students will take elective courses that they will need to apply for via  www.universityadmissions.se.


In addition to being admitted to the programme, students need an approved portfolio for certain courses. The eligibility requirements are described in the course syllabuses.

The following courses require portfolios:

  • Design Project – Site, Concept and Theory, 15 credits
  • Design Project – Composition and Materiality, 15 credits
  • Planning Project – Driving Forces and Contemporary Tendencies, 15 credits
  • Planning Project – Large Scale Structures, Analysis and EIA, 15 credits
    Digital Landscape Visualisation, 15 credits

Instructions for the portfolio 2022/2023 

Visit the student pages to find out more and read the syllabus.



This programme provides students with a strong basis and the relevant tools for a forthcoming career within the field. Professional roles include urban planner, landscape designer or landscape manager. Skills can be transferred to other professions based on knowledge about contemporary society and landscape development.

Degree awarded

Degree of Master of Science (120 credits) with a Major in Landscape Architecture.

Our researchers. Your teachers.

Lisa Diedrich is a professor of landscape architecture. Watch the film and get to know her and her work better.
Students sitting on stone wall, photo.

Campus Alnarp

Campus Alnarp is located in a large park surrounded by agricultural fields close to the sea between Malmö and Lund in southern Sweden. There is so much for students to explore here. Apart from all the activities on campus, you will also have access to the cities of Malmö, Lund and Copenhagen. Campus Alnarp’s study programmes focus on landscaping, horticulture, and agriculture and silviculture in southern Sweden. The campus has computer rooms, a restaurant, café, landscaping and horticultural laboratories, and a library with thousands of digital journals, databases and three kilometres of printed materials. The student unions organise many activities, ranging from weekly coffee-drinking get-togethers to comedy sketches and proms. 


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