Last changed: 20 May 2024

Current data about the Swedish forests from the Swedish National Forest Inventory. The annual publication Skogsdata presents the most up-to-date statistics about the Swedish forests. Each publication also includes an in-depth analysis of a specific theme. Skogsdata is a part of Official Statistics Sweden


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All previous copies of Skogsdata are available for download as pdf files.

  Year    Themed chapter 
  2024   Species
  2023   Old forest
  2022   The formally protected forest
  2021   The alpine forest
  2020   The dead wood
  2019   Forest structure

Reliability of data from the Swedish NFI


Forest soil carbon store


Sweden forests then, now and in the future


The Swedish NFI's permanent sample plots

  2014   Biodiversity (Errata 2015-06-26)

Different measures of forest age and stand type

  2012   Forest regeneration, forest management and fellings
  2011   Field and bottom layer vegetations in Sweden's forests
  2010   Lodgepole pine in Sweden
  2009   Forests in close proximity to urban areas
  2008   The forests role for climate
  2007   Forest damage
  2006   Protected forests in Sweden
  2005   Forest status from a timber production perspective
  2004   Regeneration
  2003   Forest structure
  2002   Young forest
  2001   Forest age
  2000   Growth and fellings

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