13 Jun

Tanngrisner II, VHC, (or Zoom), Campus Ultuna, Uppsala

Seminar: Next generation feed sources within aquaculture

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A young man standing at a table holding a fish. Photo.

The feed used in fish farms has a great impact on the environmental impact, costs and the growth of the fish. But it can also affect how the fish tastes, the nutritional content of the fish meat and how useful the fish's manure becomes for plant cultivation. Pontus Gunnarsson, Blue food PhD student at SLU, takes a comprehensive approach to the feed issue.

Target group: This seminar is for SLU-staff and students only.


Coffee mingle from 14.00

14.30-15.00     Presentation: Effect of next generation feed sources on aquaculture manure in plant/microbial production, on gut biota and metabolic effect on the fish as food, by PhD student Pontus Gunnarsson at the Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, SLU. 

15.00-15.30     Discussion 


Register here. Last sign up date for those of you who wants fika is 7 June.