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The European forest industry's decision on climate adaptation has been examined

Published: 17 November 2020
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To be effective, communication about climate change must respond to the needs of the receivers. An international study led by researchers at SLU and Lund University shows that the decisions on climate change adaptation made in European forestry are linked to the consequences of climate change expected by the decision-making agents. Here, the researchers found, among other things, differences between different parts of Europe, especially between southwestern and northern and northeastern Europe.


The results has been reported in the journal Environmental Research Letters:

K. Blennow, J. Persson, L.M.S. Gonçalves, A. Borys, I. Dutcă, J. Hynynen, E. Janeczko, M. Lyubenova, J. Merganič, K. Merganičová, M. Peltoniemi, M. Petr, F. Reboredo, G. Vacchiano, C.P.O. Reyer. 2020. The role of beliefs, expectations and values in decision-making favoring climate change adaptation – implications for communications with European forest professionals. Environ. Res. Lett.


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