Artistic practice in support of design research

Last changed: 09 August 2023

Here you find a selection of design courses from LAPF and SOL, and images from student exhibitions, as examples of artistic practice in support of design research.

Applied graphic arts and design – Designing in group, LK0397  (more info)
Course responsible: Malin Eriksson


Spatial Design in Dialogue with a Place, LK0300  (more info)
Course responsible: Peter Dacke


Studio - Urban Spaces, LK0159  (more info)
Course responsible: Lars Johansson
Charrette leader: Bodil Dahlman

Studio – The urban space and plant knowledge 2, LK0317 (Epsilon)
Course responsible: Marina Queiroz


Studio – Landscape construction and soil science, advanced level, LK0399 (Epsilon)
Course responsible: Maria Wisselgren


Victoria Sjöstedt, Lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

Phone: +46 40 415161

SLU Landscape
SLU Landscape operates as a cross-institutional network for collaboration and joint profiling of work done in the landscape subject area at SLU. It is one of the largest environments for research and teaching in landscape architecture in Europe.