How did it turn out for our Nordic neighbours? Digitalization and distance learning from a Nordic perspective

Last changed: 06 May 2021

Together with our Nordic colleagues, Dorthe Varning Poulsen, Univ. of Copenhagen, and Helena Guttormsdóttir, Agricultural Univ. of Iceland, we shared our experience of "turning" online all teaching.

There are many similarities between the countries regarding the pros and cons of the digitalization:

  • Basic tools are needed to set up inspiring and involving online teaching, more technical support I needed in the future.
  • Blended learning will probably be part of many university programs in the future
  • With digitalization, it is now easier to have lecturers from faraway countries as no travel is needed. This will allow a broader internationalization of interaction between students and international experts.
  •  Students´ skills development - challenge to adapt to online format it is necessary to pay attention to these aspects as we move on with digitalization in teaching. On-site teaching might be still relevant for this type of teaching.
  • Concern for student´s health and wellbeing concerning the past year's digitalization. The social aspects of face-to-face meetings seem to be important for the feeling of inclusion and a sense of belonging. This aspect should be carefully considered when planning the courses. 


The workshop was attended by 12 people from LAPF and SOL, all lecturers and educators.

Moderator/Organiserat av: 
Anna María Pálsdóttir (IMS), Petra Thorpert (Lapf), Emma Butler (Sol),

Deltagare: Dorthe Varning Poulsen (Unvi. Copenhagen), Helena Guttormsdóttir (Agricultural Univ. of Iceland), Åsa Besch (Lapf), Mats Gyllin (IMS), Patrik Olsson (Lapf), Bodil Dahlman (Sol), Helena Nordh (Sol), Anna Peterson (Lapf), Emma Herbert (Sol).


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