Is nitrofurantoin effective for treatment of sporadic cystitis in dogs

Last changed: 30 March 2022

Dog with sporadic infectious cystits need antibiotic treatment. The study aims at investigating whether nitrofurantoin is a feasible therapeutic option.

Sporadic infectious cystitis usually require treatment with antimicrobial substances. However, the treatment with lowest risk for antimicrobial resistance should be chosen. Nitrofurantoin could be appropriate for those purposes. Low documented effect and fear of side effects cause limited use of nitrofurantoin in dogs. This project aim at investigating the treatment efficacy and safety of nitrofurantoin in dogs suffering from sporadic cystits.

The project is planned during 2021 01 01 – 2023 12 31 and is funded by the Agria SKK fundation.


Carl Ekstrand
Associate Senior Lecturer at the Department of Biomedical Science and Veterinary Public Health; Pharmacology and Toxicology Unit

Telephone: 018-673171

Lena Pelander
Lecturer at the Department of Clinical Sciences

Telephone: 018-671498