Quality assesment for increased profitability in production of aged cheese

Last changed: 08 February 2023
Two pieces of hard cheese and a cluster of grapes on a wooden tray. Photo.

There are several projects going on in the area. One aim is to study the quality and microflora of northern Swedish milk at farm and dairy level, and the impact of this on maturing time and sensoric traits of long-ripened cheese.

The ultimate goal is to secure the quality of the cheese and hence the economy of the milk producers. A report in Swedish can be found here. There also are a number of scientific papers under submission and revision.


The projects are financed by SLF, Kamprad foundation, the Regional Fund for Agricultural Research in Northern Sweden, Norrmejerier and SLU.

Participating scientists are:

  • Mårten Hetta and Gun Bernes, Dept. of Animal Nutrition and Management, SLU Umeå
  • Åse Lundh, Monika Johansson, Li Sun, Hasitha Priyashantha, Dept. of Food Science, SLU Uppsala 
  • Johan Dicksved, Dept. of Animal Nutrition and Management, SLU Uppsala
  • Annika Höjer and Karin Hallin-Saedén, Research and Development, Norrmejerier