FoSW guidelines for activities and applications

Last changed: 12 April 2016

This page provides FoSWs package of guidelines, for instances those for applications, budget and reports of activities. Contact the directors of studies for the guidelines, in case you don't find what you are looking for.

General about FoSW PhD-courses: FoSW PhD-courses are in the first place ment for PhD-students. If place(s) is/are available at deadline date for application, researchers can attend courses, but not the eventual part of an individual project.

Focus on Soils & Water is fully funded by means for post-graduate education of SLU's faculty of Natural Resources and Agriculture. For this reason, each course needs to have a minimum number and percentage of SLU PhD-students to get fully funded.

Moreover, an additional course fee can be asked of those, who are interested to participate, but neither is a PhD-student, nor employed by SLU. This can be relevant for instance when there is a commercial interest in a competence the course covers. The steering committee suggested a tentative additional course fee of 1000 -1500 SEK per course day excluding costs for lodging, food, course material.

Read more about guidelines for organising a FoSW course here.

Faculty requirements for research school activities

The requirements in the below documents must be fulfilled for any research school activity.

Required information for any research school activity

Compulsory Research School Activity Evaluation

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