The steering committee of the research school Focus on Soils and Water

Last changed: 22 August 2018

The steering committee consists of the directors of study, PhD-students and  supervisors. The committee has 4-5 meetings a year to review course proposals, control the quality of the planned and performed activities, and plan future activities.

The Departments included are Soil & Environment, Aquatic Sciences & Assessment, Forest Mycology & Plant Pathology and Energy & Technology.


Magdalena Bieroza (Soil & Environment)  

Maria Kahlert (Aquatic Sciences and Assessment)

Docents/ Supervisors

Chairperson: Richard Johnson (Aquatic Sciences & Assessment)

Deputy: Karin Wiberg (Aquatic Sciences & Assessment)

Karina Engelbrecht Clemmensen (Forest Mycology & Plant Pathology)

Deputy: Björn Lindahl (Soil & Environment)

Elisabeth Lewan (Soil & Environment)

Deputy: Erik Petersson (Aquatic Resources)

PhD students

Prithvi Simha (Energy & Technology)

Deputy: Tina Putz (Forest Mycology & Plant Pathology)

Kate Rychel (Soil & Environment)

Deputy: Sabina Braun (Soil & Environment)

Hannes Keck (Ecology)

Deputy: Mattias Sörengård (Aquatic Sciences & Assessment)

Contact, 018-673145

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