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Mussels with many values

Published: 05 June 2013

Experts and other stakeholders agreed at the workshop that EPOK organized on June 4 on that mussels have many added values. They are an excellent replacement for fishmeal in all kinds of feed. They have excellent composition of fatty acids and humans would benefit from eating more mussels. Mussels can also work well as a soil conditioner.

Mussel farms are also excellent purifier that can take care of the excessive nutrients leaking into the water from agricultural land. The only catch is that today it is not possible to produce cheap enough to compete with the fishmeal.

More than forty people in the audience listened to Odd Lindahl, a marine biologist at the Royal Academy of Engineering in Kristineberg, telling the details about exactly how effective mussels are as “sewage treatment plants”. He also talked about the potential for using mussels as feed.

After the lunch seminar four researchers from SLU and an official from the Department of Agriculture presented the knowledge state from their horizons. This was followed by a panel discussion where the audience and the lecturers discussed what can be done to push the issue of mussel farming forward.