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SLU Future One Health arrange, participate in and support various activities, all with the aim of stimulating research and collaboration for good health and welfare for animals and humans in sustainable ecosystems. See the Swedish page for more information.

The One Health Breakfast Club

Take the opportunity to enjoy transdisciplinary discussions and initiate new collaborations with research colleagues. We starts off with a short inspirational talk, then some tasty breakfast together. See dates for upcoming events!

Coffee on a cutting board with cookies and coffee beans next to it. Photo.

An Eye for Science

Here we present two stories that exemplify how SLU contributes to this fight against antimicrobial resistance.

Climate conversations at SLU

SLU Global and the Future Platforms take the launch of the IPCC reports as an opportunity to increase the scientific conversation about climate change across disciplines at SLU, by organising a serie of climate conversations.

Cracked dried soil and a rapeseed flower. Photo.

Apply for a grants with other SLU-researchers

We provide funding for projects and activities aimed to stimulate new interdisciplinary collaborations between research groups. Read more about our calls here.

Green seedlings growing up, photo.

What does the concept of One Health mean?

We share our lives with animals och we are affected by each other's health as well as the environment we live in. In this film, we try to explain how everything is connected.

Seminar on welfare for care dogs

See our seminar "Welfare of dogs used within Animal Assisted Interventions" with professor Zenithson Ng.

A person in front of a power point presentation, photo.
Published: 05 December 2023 - Page editor: futureonehealth@slu.se