PhD students at the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry

Last changed: 29 November 2019

Here you can find a list of our PhD students.


 Medical Biosciences physiology

 Sara Larsdotter Davey
Electrolyte and fluid balance in horses
Supervisor: Kristina Dahlborn

Biomedical Science

  Jun Mei (Vicky) Hu Frisk
Nucleotide metabolism in health and diseases
Supervisor: Liya Wang 

Sumalata Sonavane

Improving the mechanical properties of biomimetic spider silk fibers

Handledare: Anna Rising

Clinical Sciences surgery

Emma Persson Sjödin
Movement asymmetries in sound and lame horses
Supervisor: Marie Rhodin

Veterinary Medicine

Linda Andersson
Body weight in dogs
Supervisor: Katja Höglund

Katrina Ask
Orthopedic pain in large animals, horses and cows
Supervisor: Marie Rhodin

Marie Hammarberg
Lameness or laterality: when does asymmetry matter?
Supervisor: Marie Rhodin


Animal Science

 Louise Winblad von Walter
Fysiologiska och etologiska förändringar vid rädsla och stress hos get och hund
Supervisor: Kristina Dahlborn

Birgitta Staaf Larsson
Can animal welfare of dairy cows be improved by combining resource-based and animal-based measurements in the official control?
Supervisor: Margareta Steen

Nina Känsälä

The theme of the research is horse welfare and equestrian. The  preliminary title is "Equestrian and Welfare - one study of thought and physiological reality "

 Supervisor:Anna Jansson

Vikingur Gunnarsson

Subjective and objective assessment of the Icelandic horse's performance.

 Supervisor: Marie Rhodin

 Linda Kjellberg
Horses in an active open barn systems - behaviour and welfare
Supervisor: Karin Morgan

Denise Söderroos

Weight-bearing ability of Icelandic horses and the importance of training.

Handledare: Anna Jansson



Lisa Johansson
Markers for good and bad training effects in horses
Supervisor: Anna Jansson


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