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Srinivas Akula

New postdoctoral

Srinivas Akula has been a postdoctoral researcher at AFB since the end of March 2020. He is working on an interdisciplinary project on asthma in horses and humans funded by U-share. Srinivas studies a type of proteases that is released by mast cells and that can be of great importance in asthma. The goal is to purify mast cells and proteases and to study their properties using biochemical, cell biological and comparative methods. In the longer term, the results of the project can lead to improved methods for the diagnosis and treatment of asthma.

Lamb spring 2020

Goatstable march 2020

Despite the circumstances, life goes on. It is delivery time in the goatstable.

In the picture a completely newborn girl and a one day old boy. It's just to enjoy the wonders!
Emma Persson-Sjödin nailing her theses

Emma Persson-Sjödin

On the 28th of February Emma Persson-Sjödin nailed her theses entitled "Evaluation of vertical movement asymmetries in riding horses- relevance to equine orthopaedics.

The thesis investigates the clinical significance and interpretation of vertical movement asymmetries in riding horses under different circumstances. Pain medication proved ineffective in reducing movement asymmetries in riding horses in training while 'rising trot' induced movement asymmetries. The challenging discrimination between true forelimb lameness and compensatory head movement asymmetry could be facilitated by concurrent evaluation of withers movement symmetry. The public defence will take place at a later date.

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