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Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry

We perform research, teach and inform about the structure and function of animals in health, as well as stress, disease and production from molecular mechanisms to whole animals.

Our research projects

Do you want to know more about pain in horses or cows? About insects as food? The dog's metabolism? Or perhaps about cardiovascular diseases in the cat? Read more about our research projects here.


HästSverige.se is a knowledge site for those interested in horses in Sweden - with 800 pages of knowledge based on research from experts from e.g. SLU.


Glipse from research: "For a long animal life in motion"

This research is centered around three main themes: applied biomechanics, evaluation of pain and an exploration of artificial intelligence for more effective and faster diagnosing with the help of machine learning and computer vision.

Equine Science Unit

We provide Sweden's only university education that specialises in equine science. The program comprises 180 higher education credits and starts in the autumn of each year. The training is available in three specializations, Trotting Horse, Icelandic Horse and Riding Horse and is unique due to it's combination of both theory and practical educadion.

News from AFB

Welcome to the 2023 Milk Week!

Welcome to the 2023 Milk Week between October 23-26, 2023! On October 25, a conference will be held in Uppsala where you can participate on site or digitally. In addition, webinars will be broadcast on the 23rd and 26th. Opportunities and challenges for Swedish milk production, different development paths and how research can contribute to the development will be discussed. - "We will focus on what the way forward for a sustainable Swedish milk production can look like and how everyone actually has a responsibility in this development," says Margareta Emanuelson, organizer of the 2023 Milk Week.

Published: 22 August 2023 - Page editor: lisa.chroisty@slu.se