Research at the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry

Last changed: 22 August 2023

We study the structure and function of animals, from molecular mechanisms to the function of the whole animal and how they are affected by exercise, production, stress, obesity, various diseases, management and environmental factors. We work with production animals, sports and companion animals as well as laboratory animals, and insects.

Research projects in anatomy and physiology

Research in anatomy and physiology is conducted primarily in the areas of organ structure, organ function and integrative physiology. The research projects can be of basic character with connection to both animals and humans, often involving aspects of animal production, performance, welfare or clinical questions.

Research projects in biochemistry

Research in biochemistry aims to elucidate mechanisms at the molecular level. Here, e.g. processes leading to the aggregation of proteins, enzymes involved in the metabolism of nucleotides, molecular mechanisms in inflammation and the production of artificial spider silk.

A research-intensive environment provides good conditions

On our premises in the Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science Center at Ultuna in Uppsala, we are in the middle of a research-intensive environment, with infrastructures and networks that contribute to good conditions for us as researchers.


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