Patellartendinosis: an equine disease state?

Last changed: 07 March 2019

Soft tissues around the kneecap (patella) as a cause of equine lameness is an area yet to be scientifically investigated but that is often clinically treated with “alternative” methods without an established diagnosis.

In human medicine, patellar tendinosis is a common verified diagnosis.

Degenerative changes with pathological neovascularization and nerve ingrowth into the patellar tendon is believed to be the pain origin, not inflammation. Veterinary literature is scant on comparative pathology, innervation of soft tissue surrounding the stifle, and diagnostics.

We have identified several horses with chronic push-off lameness (verified with objective motion analysis) where ultrasound detected patellar ligament lesions. The aim of the project is to investigate if patellar tendinosis is an equine condition using research competencies in biomechanics, diagnostic imaging, and pathology to produce clinical diagnostic tools and treatment recommendations based on a scientific foundation.


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