Last changed: 26 April 2021
Several rainbow troats under water surface. Photo.

Fish feed for salmon from by-products from the forest industry

Aquaculture is a key sector in the perspective of increased food production with reduced environmental impact, provided feed innovation can allow for sustainable growth. The purpose of SALMONAID is developing feed for salmonids based on microfungi which uses residual streams from the forestry industry. An important goal is the speeding-up of commercialization, but also the formation of new partnerships in order to build strong international competitiveness of Swedish research and innovation in microfungi-based fish feed.

In order to meet future challenges, the feed innovation for salmonids sector-wide and multidisciplinary research is being investigated. The project also investigates how micro fungi grown on residual streams from the forest industry can be used for the production of commercial fish feed.
The project will also provide technical solutions, scientific publications and process descriptions that can be used as a policy base.

The project participants have a wide network of stakeholders; together with the reference group, project results will be disseminated among stakeholders in the feed, forestry and aquaculture industries.

If commercialization of the feed concept can be achieved, SALMONAID can help to realize several of Sweden´s environmental objectives, sustainable growth of the Swedish aquaculture and production of feed that creates both jobs and export opportunities.


This project is financed by Vinnova and runs 2016-2019.