Tree to feed

Last changed: 10 January 2024
A jumping fish in  a fish enclosure. Photo.

Can side streams from the paper industry contribute to fish feed of the future?

Farmed salmonids (trout and salmon) face sustainability challenges when it comes to the feed used. Work is constantly underway to improve feed for farmed fish, for example through reducing the use of feed ingredients such as fishmeal and soy.

The project Tree to feed aims to test run and demonstrate a circular production method for feed raw material to be evaluated for farmed fish. Fungal cell protein will be produced using the side stream thin liquor from the paper industry as a substrate.

SLU's part in the project is to evaluate the final product as a protein source for farmed fish. We will carry out tests to evaluate the mushroom protein's potential as a fish feed ingredient, including through feed trials with farmed rainbow salmon.


Schematic image with bark from a tree, molecules and a fish. Green background.

Project managers:

Hanna Carlberg,

Aleksandar Vidakovic,



The project runs between 2022-2024 and is financed by Vinnova's program for Sustainable Industry. Cirkulär AB is project owner.