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Swedish Environmental Protection Agency wants to reduce meat consumption

Published: 30 November 2011

A new report from the Environmental Protection Agency deals with the issue of climate impact from meat consumption. The report, among other things, presents ideas on climate regulations in the EU regulatory framework for organic livestock production.

During the period 1990-2005 meat consumption in Sweden increased with 50 %. The Environmental Protection Agency highlights in the report that meat consumption share of greenhouse gas emissions from food is substantial and the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of meat is greater through lower consumption than through changes in the Swedish meat production. Today there are almost entirely no instruments to reduce meat consumption. Instead, there are a range of support to animal production, such as support for organic farming and school milk support.

The report goes through a number of possible instruments and notes that reduction of climate impact from meat consumption may need a package of instruments which together gradually draws towards food consumption with a higher proportion of vegetables. Moreover, it may also be interesting to include climate regulations in the EU regulations for organic meat production.