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Roasting can provide more legumes in the feed

Published: 10 November 2011

Fredrik Fogelberg from the Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (JTI) demonstrated a South African machine able to roast all types of seeds. The capacity is about 100 kg/hour. The machine test is part of a project to increase cropping of leguminous plants and treatment of the crop for animal feed.

- I thought it would be easy to obtain knowledge on how to get a good feed from legumes, but it was not, said Fredrik Fogelberg.

In order to use Swedish protein crops in feed, heat treatment is required to reduce different types of anti-nutritional substances and improve protein quality in legumes such as faba bean, soybean and pea.

The South African roasting machine is capable of processing at temperatures between 40 and 210 degrees Celsius. The treatment time can also be varied. Fredrik Fogelberg opened up for cooperation and invited all present to take part in the trials.

- You can take with you soy, faba beans or peas that we have toasted and perform your own analyses. Or you can come here with your own harvest, and we drive it through the roaster, said Fredrik.

Göran Gauffin from Stabby Farm hooked on directly.

- I would like to test at full scale for a week. It is easy for us to change our feeding plan and we can replace the purchased soy with our home-grown faba bean and see the difference in output, said Göran.

The project is managed by JTI with funding primarily from the Foundation for Agricultural Research.