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Sunflower cake can be used as protein fodder for poultry

Published: 20 May 2011

Helen Wall and Robin Kalmendal have in experiments on Funbo-Lövsta Research Station tested to mix sunflower cake in different amounts into the fodder for broilers and laying hens. The studies show that sunflower cake, despite the relatively high fiber content, is an alternative protein feed for organic poultry.

The incorporation of 26 percent sunflower cake in the feed for laying hens did not give fewer eggs compared to the control diet. Sunflower cake resulted in increased feed efficiency, but also an increased risk of smeared manure because of high content of soluble fibers. This can cause poor hygiene of hens. A side effect of the experiment was that access to the forage resulted in fewer injuries in the sewers region compared to the hens without forage. Poor access to organic sunflower cake restricts the use currently.