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Federation of Swedish Farmers includes organic production

Published: 24 January 2012

When Jan Eksvärd explained the position of Federation of Swedish Farmers’ (LRF) on organic/conventional production he did it from a sustainability perspective. Both forms of production can develop and inspire each other and LRF supports the farmer regardless.

The premises belonging to the student organization at the campus was crowded when Jan Eksvärd, senior expert for sustainable development at LRF held a lunch seminar organised by EPOK. The theme for the day was whether Swedish farmers are unwilling or unable to take a larger share of the growth in the organic sector.

Jan began by talking about LRF and the work on sustainability. He made clear that there is no conflict between organic and conventionally production from LRF's point of view. All different forms of production can enrich each other, and from sustainability standpoint neither is perfect in the current situation.

The answer to the question about Swedish farmers and the development of organic agriculture is according to Jan that they definitely want to grow organically, but the farmers are always rational and takes account of their circumstances. Also, it takes time. When a farmer has decided it will take up to two years before the conversion to organic production is complete.