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New projects relevant for organic farming

Published: 05 June 2012

The Swedish Farmers’ Foundation for Agricultural Research has funded 17 new projects in the programs for Horticulture, Field trials, Growth & Profitability, and Milk. SLF do not have specifically targeted programs for organic production, but has integrated the research needs related to both organic and conventional farming in all programs.

The approved projects handle questions about sales actions for cucumbers, sensitivity to Fusarium in different cereal varieties and ditch maintenance. Also farm-based biogas production, process technology for slurry management, profitability of organic farming and the potential for potato cultivation are research questions in approved projects. Projects to improve the work environment focus on the handling of grazing cattle and manual work in outdoor cultivation. The new projects in the Milk Program are about feed efficiency, feed losses, washing on farms with automatic milking systems (AMS), antibiotic resistance in calves and how to make pastures more resistant to treading. Also regional trial programmes were funded.