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The Swedish Research Council Formas allocates 48 million SEK for organic farming research

Published: 20 November 2013

The Swedish Research Council Formas will allocate 12 million SEK per year for four years (2014-2017) for a call in organic production and consumption. The call will open at the end of the year. Application deadline: 2014-03-14, decision date: 2014-09-15.

FormasThe research Formas is funding in this call should be relevant to the industry related to organic production and consumption. The research may involve different parts of the food chain from primary production to processing, marketing and consumption, and is therefore relevant for many disciplines and may well be interdisciplinary. 

For guidance, the "Research Agenda for Organic Agriculture in 2013 – Research Challenges and Knowledge Needs in Organic Farming and Organic Food”, produced by EPOK, is recommended. The agenda has been developed in an open process with stakeholders in the food chain (including agriculture) in dialogue with researchers and research funders. The agenda focuses on key future challenges and knowledge needs of the organic food chain's path toward greater sustainability, efficiency and environmental and social benefits.