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EPOK’s Maria Wivstad in the board of a new international organization

Published: 21 February 2013

On Friday 2 February the organization TIPI – the Technology Innovation Platform of IFOAM* was formed. TIPI will promote global cooperation in research on organic agriculture and engage and involve all who benefit from this research throughout the world.

TIPI will facilitate knowledge exchange and stimulate the application of scientific knowledge that is in line with the principles of organic agriculture.

– I see the formation of TIPI as an important step in moving organic agriculture towards being a system of good practices based on credible science, says IFOAM President Andre Leu.

Leu may see the following areas for TIPI to prioritize: yield, carbon sequestration in soil, “eco-functional intensification”, after-harvest measures, economy, and communication with the wider scientific community outside the unmitigated organic research.

Both organizations and individuals active in the food chain can join TIPI and already on the launching day had 36 organizations as well as some individuals signed up as members.

TIPI will serve as an informal network where members themselves develop goals, strategies and activities.

Maria Wivstad, director at EPOK, was elected to the Board.

* International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements