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EPOK arranges workshop on mussels

Published: 13 May 2013

Mussels for feed, food, water and soil – how it works and what remains to be done? Mussels are grown relatively easily and cleans seas or lakes of nutrients that can cause eutrophication. Mussels are good for food, but unfortunately the demand is limited. It takes other applications to take care of the raw material. Of mussels, one can produce a high-protein feed that can replace fishmeal used today in organic pig and poultry feed and fish feed. Mussels as soil conditioner is an additional option.

EPOK organizes a lunch seminar (in Swedish) followed by an in-depth seminar on June 4 in Uppsala. The seminar will discuss the following questions:

  • What is the potential of mussels as food, feed or soil?
  • Which are and how big are the added values? Negative environmental impact? Conflicting goals?
  • How far have we come in research? Remaining challenges?
  • How far is it to implementation? What is a realistic feed cost for mussel meal?
  • What is needed from various stakeholders to achieve success?


See the programme and register in the calender.