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Knowledge on organic food, health and pesticides

Published: 08 May 2014

On May 27, Axel Mie presents his knowledge synthesis on health and quality aspects of organic food. In the report he investigates the position in current science based knowledge when it comes to questions like: “Is it healthy to eat organic?” “Contains organic food more of beneficial substances?” and “Is pesticide residues in food a problem?””

Invitation to the lunch-time seminar on May 27.

Axel Mie. Foto: Susanne HennigAxel Mie is researcher at the Karolinska Institutet, and he also works part-time at EPOK. Axel will present his synthesis report entitled "Food Quality and potential health effects of organic food."


The knowledge synthesis is made on behalf of EPOK. It will first be presented in English and later translated into Swedish.