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Organic farming increases pollination – more ley farming is not enough

Published: 12 June 2014

To only increase the proportion of ley in the landscape is not enough to support pollinating insects. In a comparative study, researchers at Lund University states that extended conventional ley farming is not as effective as organic farming.

– Leys are thus positive for soil structure and soil organisms, but the conventional leys do not seem to be as effective as organic farming when it comes to increasing the pollination of certain crops. It may be due to the intensive use of the leys, which reduces the amount of floral resources in the ley. Intensive ley farming has previously been shown to have negative consequences for some species of birds that nest in the leys, says Georg Andersson, PhD in Environmental Sciences, Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, Lund University.


Read the press release from Lund University (in Swedish)

Scientific article:
Andersson et al., 2014. Effects of farming intensity, crop rotation and landscape heterogeneity on field bean pollination. Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment 184, 145-148.