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Profitability in focus when the Organic Day at Slätte renews the concept

Published: 05 June 2014

The theme of the Organic Day at the farm “Slätte” this year is “How to maximize your income in organic farming?” EPOK will participate with a short seminar that puts increased intensity in organic production in relation to animal welfare, nutritional value in food, economic and social aspects, and more.

This year the event is called the “Little Slätte Organic Day”; it is as the name says a smaller event with limited number of participants. The focus will be on increasing organic framers’ knowledge within a specific area through dialogue with experts – both theorists and practitioners.

EPOK will be in the so-called Knowledge Tent to meet inquisitive farmers. Maria Wivstad and Elin Röös from EPOK will also hold a short seminar with a dialogue on intensification in organic farming and what you need to consider in order to preserve a long-term sustainability.