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Organic tomatoes perceived as tastier

Published: 23 September 2014

A recent thesis from SLU shows the relationship between perceived tastes and expectations. A panel tested identical tomatoes with different markings and found Swedish and organic tomatoes tastier than those who were marked with Dutch origin.

- Various labels can create positive associations and positive expectations for the food's flavour and quality. When you eat food, and think that it will taste a certain way, you tend also to experience the flavour based on the expectations, says Fredrik Fernqvist, who will present his thesis on October 10 at SLU.

- We have previously shown that tomatoes stored in the refrigerator lose in taste. But it is amazing how much we humans can be affected by other factors, such as labels, which not actually alters the physical product in any way, says Fredrik Fernqvist. Other studies have shown, for example how the glasses, plates and cutlery, but also the environment, also can affect the taste sensations in different ways.

- Labels linked to health, indigenous, ecological, ethical, production methods, but also trademarks and names that describe the taste, have been shown to influence consumer tastes for a great variety of food, says Fredrik Fernqvist. A comprehensive study of the recent published international research in this area is also featured in Frederick Fernqvist’s thesis.