Last changed: 02 June 2023

CBM has been a member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) since 2005.

CBM is involved in three of the six commissions organised by IUCN, the Species Survival Commission (SSC), Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM), Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP).

SSC is responsible for development of the red-list of species and the members are specialists in the taxonomy, ecology and conservation of different species.

At CBM Johnny de Jong is a member of the Species Survival Comission as a bat specialist.

CEM is focusing on conservation of different ecosystems such as forests, grassland and wetlands. CEM is also organising a number of thematic groups, and Mike Jones at CBM is the chair of the Resilience Thematic Group. Maria Forsberg and Marie Kvarnström are also members of this commission.

Mike Jones is also a member of the Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group, which is concerned with the use of biodiversity to meet human livelihood needs in CEESP; a member of CEESP Theme on Governance, Equity and Rights which is concerned with social policy and human rights in conservation.

At the local level CBM is involved in the Swedish National committee of IUCN.

IUCN celebrating 70th anniversary 2018

On the International Day of Biological Diversity on 22 May, IUCN Sweden is having a High-level discussion on sustainable development, at Ulriksdal Palace, Sweden. CBM Director Tuija Hilding Rydevik and CBM Advisor Mike Jones are participating.

CBM folderRead more about the CBM work in line with IUCN commitments in the folder Biodiversity in Society.




IUCN World Conservation Congress, 1-10 september in Hawaii

At the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawaii, 1-10 September, CBM was represented by Director Professor Tuija Hilding-Rydevik, and Advisor Mike Jones.

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