About Crops for the future - C4F

Last changed: 15 April 2024

Climate change, global growing population and depletion of global natural resources make it clear that sustainable production of raw materials for feed, food and industrial purposes is more urgent than ever. A circular bioeconomy is the sustainable model that we believe in for the future of earth and humanity. This is also the supporting idea behind C4F.

With the help of all modern technologies, C4F focuses on developing bio-based raw materials and products, for example, oils, fiber and proteins and bio-based products. The research is conducted at basic and applied levels with national and international cooperation. The research is conducted in various research groups with a total of more than 30 researchers working within SLU in Alnarp and Uppsala with a large research network of national and international contacts. C4F also stimulates the involvement of young researchers, postdoc and doctoral students as well as Master thesis work within its research areas.

C4F Steering group

Christina Lunner Kolstrup, LTV Dekan, Ordförande

Eva Johansson, Professor, Programledare

Li-Hua Zhu, Professor, Vice Programledare

C4F Management group

Eva Johansson, Professor

Li-Hua Zhu, Professor

Per Hofvander, Docent (En: Associate Professor)

Ramune Kuktaite, Docent (En: Associate Professor)

Roger Andersson, Professor

C4F Project Leaders

Chuanxin Sun, Associate Professor, Institutionen för växtbiologi

Eva Johansson, Professor, Institutionen för växtförädling

Folke Sitbon, Professor, Institutionen för växtbiologi

Li-Hua Zhu, Professor, Institutionen för växtförädling

Marie Olsson, Professor, Institutionen för växtförädling

Maud Langton, Professor, Institutionen för molekylärvetenskap

Per Hofvander, Associate Professor, Institutionen för växtförädling

Peter Bozhkov, Professor, Institutionen för molekylärbiologi

Ramune Kuktaite, Associate Professor, Institutionen för växtförädling

Roger Andersson, Professor, Institutionen för molekylärvetenskap



Eva Johansson, Professor, Programleader C4F
Department of Plant Breeding, SLU
eva.johansson@slu.se, 040-41 55 62, 076-128 57 37

Postal address: Box 190, 234 22 Lomma

Li-Hua Zhu, Professor, Vice Programleader C4F
Department of Plant Breeding, SLU
li-hua.zhu@slu.se, 040-41 53 73, 072-236 37 80

Postal adress: Box 190, 234 22 Lomma