Project Leader Maud Langton

Last changed: 15 April 2024

Expertise in: Characterization of the food raw material, food products as well as bio-based food material by different physico-chemical and structural methods from nano to macro levels. The overall objective is to design structures with targeted properties, to be applied in food or/and bio-based materials.

Brief summary of the major achievements in C4F

· Related to C4F we have three PhD-students; Anja Herneke, she is working on protein extraction and nano-fibrillation, Klara Nilsson characterizing the polysaccharides from faba beans, and Solja Pietiäinen working on the fractionation and characterization of wheat bran (financed by Strategiska Stiftelsen and Lantmännen).  

· The team has extracted protein from faba beans, mung beans and lupins.

· Nano fibrils has been produced from the extracted faba bean, mung beans and lupin proteins.

· Nano fibrils have been characterized. The results are not consistent, thus a delay in publication.

· Work in collaboration with KTH on nano fibril from whey protein has moved forward and two publication and one book chapter has been published.

· During 2017 two post-doc were employed on other funding working very close to TC4F, Daniel Johansson working on protein nano-fibrils and Jing Li working on complex materials, Iron nano-particles attached to the protein nano-fibrils.

Publication related to TC4F

Jing Li, Ievgen Pylypchuk, Daniel Johansson, Vadim G. Kessler, Gulaim A. Seisenbaeva & Maud Langton., Self-assembly of plant protein fibrils interacting with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles., Scientific Reports (2019) 9:8939

Xinchen Ye, Christofer Lendel, Maud Langton, Richard T. Olsson, Mikael S. Hedenqvist. 2019. Protein nanofibrils: Preparation, properties, and possible applications in industrial nanomaterials Chapter 2 in Industrial Applications of Nanomaterials.

Ye, X., Junel, K., Gällstedt, M., Langton, M., Wei, X-F., Lendel, C., Hedenqvist, M., 2018. Protein/Protein Nanocomposite Based on Whey Protein Nanofibrils in a Whey Protein Matrix., ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, Volume 6, Issue 4, 2 April 2018, Pages 5462-5469., DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.8b00330

Ye, X., Hedenqvist, M., Langton, M., Christofer Lendel, C., 2018. On the role of peptide hydrolysis for fibrillation kinetics and amyloid fibril morphology, RSC Adv., 2018, 8, 6915., DOI: 10.1039/c7ra10981d