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Poplar for the future

A fast-growing deciduous tree could be an alternative or complement to the spruce in Swedish forestry. Poplar and hybrid aspen both have great potential, but more research is needed to identify reliable growing methods. Henrik Böhlenius is well on the way to generating knowledge with his research within TC4F.

Future regeneration

Marie-Charlotte Nilsson Hegethorn has shown how moss attracts bacteria to produce nitrogen and how crowberry uses chemical warfare to inhibit pine establishment. Now she´s studiyng how warmer climate and increased wild fire frequency will affect regeneration.

Genetic tools for the future

Using new genome sequencing technologies, Nathaniel Street is mapping a hidden world in the soil and around the roots of trees. Thanks to new technology researchers have identified thousands of different species of fungi and bacteria in the soil.

Future materials

By combining proteins from wheat with starch from a specially designed potato type, innovative bioplastic materials can be produced. Ramune Kuktaite's research is showing what is technically possible, the next step is to see how the environmental advantages are to be evaluated.

Published: 30 October 2023 - Page editor: anke.carius@slu.se