Energy efficient lighting in animal houses

Last changed: 25 October 2023

The total use of energy for lighting is estimated to be 72-172 GWh in animal houses. In public buildings it is possible to decrease the energy for lighting by half. Because of the great potential in saving energy there is a great need for new knowledge in how to design light environment in rural buildings. As a step towards this we intend to adapt the commonly used computer aided tool for designing light environment, DiaLux, for use in animal houses. Prior studies have focused on good light environment for working conditions. As a part of this study we also intend to use modern methods for characterisation of light environment for animals. The aim of the study is to find if there is a possibility to design a better light environment for both humans and animals.

Project funding: The project is funded by Swedish Farmers' Foundation for Agricultural Research

Project time period: 2012 - 2014

Project leader: Torsten Hörndahl.

Other associates: Hans von Wachenfelt och Knut-Håkan Jeppsson.

Jeppsson, K-H., Nilsson, D.E., von Wachenfelt, H. and Hörndahl, T. 2014. Dimensionering av belysningsstyrka i djurstallar med programmet DiaLux och en kvantitativ jämförelse av ljusmiljö i beteshagar och kostallar (Lighting design in animal buildings with DiaLux and a quantitative assessment of difference in lighting environment on pasture vs indoors for cattle). Inst. f. Biosystems and Technology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, LTJ-rapport 2013:34. Alnarp