SITES Spectral

Last changed: 26 October 2023

The SITES network includes sub-infrastructure projects. SITES Lönnstorp is a member of SITES Spectral

“SITES Spectral is an infrastructure for collecting spectral data for ecosystem monitoring. Through this initiative SITES can provide data for research related to climate change, carbon and greenhouse gas balances, phenology, general ecology and biodiversity and plant science.”
(SITES Spectral website

At Lönnstorp, spectral data is collected using both fixed and mobile monitoring systems. Two towers collect continuous NDVI and phenological data in both the SAFE perennial cropping system and the conventional wheat crop. A drone is used to collect occasional NDVI, phenological and thermal imagery data over different sections of the entire farm.

Spectral monitoring at SITES Lönnstorp

NDVI and Phenological data collection on the 10m mast

Available spectral data 
Map of spectral monitoring