Hangry– making hungry sows full and happy

Last changed: 25 October 2023

In Sweden, the interest in use of electronic sow feeding (ESF) systems for group-housed gestating sows is growing. The use of ESF systems is associated with several benefits as the system allows for e.g. individual feeding of animals and saves space in the barn when sows are housed in large groups. Housing gestating sows in an ESF system is, however, also associated with several challenges. Gestating sows are fed restrictive amounts of concentrates to reduce reproductive problems, which means that the sows may likely still be motivated for eating/feed seeking. A lasting motivation for eating/feed seeking combined with group housing on relatively confined space, will result in increased levels of aggression, following increased competition. We expect that provision with roughage will increase satiety and thereby lower the level of aggression in the pen and improve the clinical condition of the sows.


The project is funded by: Partnerskap Alnarp

Duration of the project: 2019-2020

Project Leader: Sarah-Lina Aa Schild

Other contributors: Anne-Charlotte Olsson, Maria V Rørvang