Performance of geotextile-gravel bed all-weather surfaces for cattle

Last changed: 25 October 2023

A cost-effective way of producing all-weather surfaces for cattle is to use a combined geotextile-gravel pad construction, which allows pavement depth to be reduced. This study sought to determine the pavement construction that would offer the least runoff, best drainage effect and highest quality runoff and drainage effluent after exposure to heavy precipitation under different manure loads in high animal density areas. The study also examined whether any pavement construction gave acceptable sealing to the underlying soil surface.

Section showing the load bearing- and draining function of the geotextile-gravel bed construction.

Keywords: cattle, manure, runoff, drain, leaching, geotextile, all-weather surfaces.

Project funding: The project was funded by Swedish Farmers' Foundation for Agricultural Research, Alnarp Partnership grant, LRF - Skåne and Svensk Sigill.

Project time period: - 2010

Project leader: Hans von Wachenfelt.

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von Wachenfelt H. 2011. Performance of geotextile-gravel bed all-weather surfaces for cattle, Biosystems Engineering vol. 108 46-56