Test of load distribution on floors with different softness and slot width for cattle housing

Last changed: 25 October 2023

The purpose of the project is to measure pressure distribution of cattle claws on solid and slatted floors with varying softness and slot openings. The aim is to produce recommendations for the design of floors for cattle that better meet animal welfare requirements. Floor tests will be made using a laboratory model in the form of a rig and prepared slaughter claws from cattle. Load patterns will be based on already collected field data from live animals. Effect of floors with different softness from the most common brands on Swedish farms, as well as the impact of various slot openings on the weight and pressure distribution of claws, will be studied in details. Test results will be related to other more conventional technical tests to examine the technical terms that best describe the floor suitability for animal housing. The optimum ratio of slat width and slot openings for soft floors may contribute to healthier and cleaner animals, less work and better economy for the farmers.…..


The project is funded by: Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning

Duration of the project: 2017-2018

Project Leader: Evgenij Telezhenko

Other contributors: Christer Bergsten, Madeleine Magnusson, Michael Ventorp, Pia Haubro Andersen