Energy survey and measure evaluation for commercial greenhouse companies based on new registration and simulation method

Last changed: 25 October 2023

The main project objective is development of a more general methodology for all companies. It is based on climate computer registrations of the indoor and ambient climate and the energy demand for 6 selected companies. Specific registration equipment is installed for precision measurement of the energy demand and permanent equipment is used for remaining tasks. A computer model is used for simulation of the heat, humidity and energy conditions where detailed building and climate data etc. are regarded. The idea is to use registered data for adaptions and establish an efficient analysis tool for energy surveys and measure evaluation in all companies. The resulting database and a developed PC-program is intended for economic evaluation of various measures with regard to financial conditions, time perspectives, climate variations etc. The ultimate aim is to integrate the methodology in the continuous planning process of the companies. The focus is on energy conservation measures, e.g. thermal insulation, modified climate control etc. In a later phase even the energy supply and system efficiency is planned to be included.

The project is funded by Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Farmers'
Foundation for Agricultural Research (SLF)

Duration of the project: 2012-2014
Project Leader: Sven Nimmermark, Project taken over 2012 after Torbjörn Jilar
Other contributors: Katarzyna Maslak


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