Performance of geotextile-gravel bed all-weather surfaces for horses

Last changed: 25 October 2023

The performance of geotextile-gravel bed for cattle is going to be tested during practical conditions in winter time. More animals are kept in sheds and outdoor areas during the winter season. A number of studies have shown that outdoor transport areas close to sheds are often muddy because of high animal densities. High deposition of manure in these areas can be a source of surface- and groundwater pollution.
All-weather surfaces for horses should provide enough load-bearing capacity and also offer a safe way of taking care of the nutrients from the manure. The cost of a geotextile-gravel bed construction is approximately one-third of a concrete area. Two different types of geotextile-gravel bed areas are going to be tested as animal dwelling areas regarding drain fluid capacity and sealing effect.
It is also going to be determined how to handle and take care of runoff and drain fluids, as well as testing the capacity of the geotexile-gravel bed to filtrate the drain fluid.

Project funding: The project is funded by Swedish - Norwegian Foundation for Equine Research and Region Skåne Fund for Environmental studies.

Project time period: 2012-2015

Project leader: Hans von Wachenfelt.
Other associates: Sune Hagström, Flyinge AB and Anders Slätteryd, Sydsten AB.

von Wachenfelt, H. 2014. Performance of geotextile-gravel bed all-weather surface for cattle and horses. Proceedings at CIGR2014 International conference in Beijing, China, Sept. 16-19, 2014, P 0168 & P21-003.