Summary – Todays greenhouse technology and research

Last changed: 25 October 2023

There is an unmet need in Sweden to present the current research status concerning greenhouse technology. This need is unmet both in the university world as well as in the institutional and business environment. Today in Sweden, there is a lack of a review of what is being done and of what has been done. A general aim of the project is to make survey focusing on greenhouse technology. The main focus is technology for climatization (moisture, humidity control, dehumidification), technology for lighting, technology for irrigation, and technology for internal transports and mechanization.

The project is funded by Partnerskap Alnarp, Tillväxt Trädgård

Duration of the project: 2013-2014
Project Leader: Sven Nimmermark
Other contributors: Jonas Möller Nielsen, Cascada AB


Nimmermark, S., & Möller Nielsen, J. 2014. Klimatisering, belysning, bevattning och mekanisering i växthus - Aktuellt kunskapsläge (Climatization, lighting, irrigation and mechanization in greenhouses – Present knowledge). LTV Rapport 2014:19. Alnarp: SLU